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Do You Have an Opossum Problem?

Are critters getting into your trash?  Wondering what’s eating your dog food?  Do you hear strange sounds coming from your attic or garage? It could be an opossum! 

How to Identify Opossums

are the only North American marsupial (related to kangaroos). The opossum is a whitish or grayish animal the size of a house cat with a naked, rat-like tail. Its face is long and pointed with rounded, hairless ears. It grows up to 40 inches long and will weigh up to 14 pounds. The average is 6 to 7 pounds for males and 4 pounds for females. Its tracks look as if they were made by little human or monkey hands with a bent thumb.

Opossum Damage

Opossums prefer to live near streams or swamps. They den in the burrows of other large animals, and in tree cavities, in brush piles, and under sheds, decks and buildings. Occasionally, they move into attics and garages. They eat nearly everything, from insects to carrion, fruits to grains, garbage to pet food.

How to Get Rid of Opossums

The experts at Critter Control take the extra step to educate customers about habitat modification, as most humane, long-term solution to managing opossum and other large vertebrate pests.

Critter Control Opossum Specialists

Critter Control can remove your Wyoming opossum problem, implement opossum control plans and help you get rid of opossum!  Call us today at 1-800-CRITTER.

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