Strange Noises in the Attic?

Critter Control of Grand Rapids deals with plenty of animals local residents see in their homes or on their property, but some of our customers don't ever see their unwanted houseguests. Instead, they'll hear noises in the night, see droppings in the kitchen, tunnels in the lawn, or one of the numerous other signs of animal infestation.

Do you hear scratching or chewing noises in the walls or attic? Perhaps you hear something scurrying or running on the floor, above you in the ceiling, or in your crawl spaces. Squirrels, mice, bats, and raccoons are common nuisance animals for Michigan and can be quite noisy in your home, especially in large numbers.

The trained technicians at Critter Control of Grand Rapids will inspect your home and find the source of the noises. We'll safely and humanely remove problem animals and take steps to make sure they don't return. Our animal exclusion tactics are an important part of long-term wildlife management on your property.