Animal Droppings/Feces Removal

After the wild animal is removed, your Critter Control technician can then remove the feces and contaminated material. Animal feces can be home to diseases that can be transmitted to your pets and family. Animal droppings will also cause damage to the insulation over time, cause staining and cause odors. Unprotected humans should not come in contact with animal feces, leave it to your Critter Control professional to remove the droppings so you don't have to!

Carcass/Dead Animal Removal

Wild animals will make there way into the smallest, oddest spots in your home. Some make it out just fine, others might get stuck and eventually die in your attic, walls, or chimney. Dead animals can leave a terrible smell, lead to health hazards, attract insects, and leave stains and lingering odors. Critter Control of Grand Rapids can locate the dead animal, remove it, and place special deodorizers, neutralizers and air purifiers to make the smell go away. The last thing you want is an infestation from insects to have to deal with. Call Critter Control of Grand Rapids and allow us to solve even your worst animal problems!

Caulk & Sealing

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) service practices to prevent pests. This must include the sealing of all crack and crevices with the appropriate materials, which will also help save energy! Inspections and monitoring for pests and conditions is conducted in order to identify problem areas and prevent small pest infestations from becoming large ones. Critter Control can implement the correct caulk and sealing materials and apply them for you in a professional manor! Call today for more information on preventing pest entry and damage.

Chimney Cap and Screen Installation

Critter Control of Grand Rapids is your full service animal control company! This includes prevention products and services. After our technician removes the unwanted animals, repairs the damages and cleans up any messes left by the animal, we will implement prevention techniques that are specifically put together per species.

A few prevention services include:

  • Screening vents
  • Chimney caps/screens
  • Finding and closing entry holes

These services will reduce the opportunity for future conflicts with other unwanted nuisance animals. Call for more information on solving all your animal problems.

Crawlspace Clean-up

Once you encounter a wild animal problem, the clean up is most likely last on your mind. Animals can leave a mess behind after an infestation including droppings, damages to insulation, and debris brought in from outside. These messes can lead to odors, water leaks and loss of energy.  Critter Control of Grand Rapids can clean up messes left behind and fix damages to prevent future messes. Call us now for more information on solving your animal related problems and damage.


When Critter Control of Grand Rapids comes to your home, we will inspect your property inside and out, and from top to bottom, using our copyrighted AEW (Animal Entry Worksheet). We will identify all potential problem areas and offer you safe and cost effective solutions. Critter Control is a full service company; we can take care of all aspects of your animal control problem, and leave your mind at peace knowing it is taken care of. Call for more information on solving your animal related problems and damage.

Insulation Installation/Removal

Critter Control attic restoration professionals have the equipment necessary to remove damaged and contaminated insulation and replace it with new insulation. We are able to prepare quotes for most major insurance companies, and get your attic back to tip top shape! Attics are one of the easiest places to insulate, and a properly insulated attic will pay for itself in energy savings! Be sure to ask about any available energy tax credits. Call Critter Control of Grand Rapids to see if you are eligible for a FREE estimate.

Roof Repairs/Roof Vent Guards

Roof vent guards are important to keep birds, bats and squirrels from entering your home. Our Critter Control technicians will apply a Roof Vent Guard over existing roof vents. They are durable and will work to prevent your home from animal invasion and damage. Take the precautions now before it is too late!

Soffit/Attic/Louvre/Fan Vent Repairs/Installation

Proof screens can go over existing vents. Birds are known to nest in bathroom and dryer vents. Remove that possibility by animal proofing your vents. Critter Control technicians can install these vents for you to prevent future damage.