Bird Control

Birds contribute to our everyday lives in many ways. They feed on insects, rodents, worms, fish and countless other animals, controlling the population of pesky insects and rodents. Their songs and colors makes outdoor recreation more enjoyable and enhance nature in general.

Bird Control

Laws & Regulations

Due to birds many contributions, there are laws and regulations the protect birds. Critter Control of Grand Rapids will work within these laws and regulations to help keep birds safe. While implementing bird control, Critter Control of Grand Rapids will educate clients on specific bird control methods.

Common Bird Pests

If you have ever tried getting rid of birds, you know just how difficult it can be. Critter Control of Grand Rapids offers specific bird control methods to get rid of your most difficult bird problem.

Pigeon Control

Pigeons are filthy animals that will create an ugly and destructive mess outside of your business. Pigeon droppings will create erosion on many building materials and carry many diseases. Pigeons may also harbor fleas, ticks, lice, mites, and more in their feathers.

House Sparrow Problems

House Sparrows are aggressive birds that may harass and attack other native species. Flocks of sparrows will create extensive damages to home gardens and grain crops. House sparrow nests will create further damages by blocking drains and ventilation ducts in homes and businesses.

Starling Control

Starlings enjoy eating fruits, like grapes, peaches, blueberries, strawberries, and apples, and are often considered agricultural nuisances. Trouble is created when starlings invade farms where livestock are kept. Starlings will steal food and spread diseases among this area. When they gather in large numbers, golf courses, lawns, and parks will be covered in holes from the starlings foraging.

Swallow Problems

Swallows do not typically create a threat to humans, although a mother will become defensive of their offspring and may swoop to get predators away. Swallows droppings will create damages to cars, farm equipment, and some building materials. Farmers have also reported a significant feed loss when swallows form a large colony nearby.

House Finch Control

A great deal of house finch damage is a result of their food seeking behaviors. The birds will peck at ripening fruits and eat the seeds of various plants. Large flocks can decimate crop yields for farmers. Gardeners are frustrated when they eat budding blossoms or knock off flowering petals. Vineyard owners see a problem when house finches attack grapes.

 Bird Problem Solutions

Critter Control of Grand Rapids has extensive experience in bird control solutions. We can get rid of birds and prevent them from returning. Our humane practices and relocation services will result in efficient bird control.

The best bird control approach will emphasize deterrents, exclusion, or modification of buildings. Critter Control of Grand Rapids can identify your problem bird and create a unique plan to get rid of your bird problem quickly and efficiently.