06.15.15 - Traveling Black Bears?
Have you heard about the Michigan bear that travelled all the way down to Indiana? Normally black bears don't migrate south of Grand Rapids, so a black bear in Indiana is big news. Eventually he will wander back up north looking for a
06.03.15 - Cap Chimney to Keep Raccoons Out
An uncapped chimney can spell trouble. Especially if a curious raccoon discovers it. Raccoons can find an unused chimney very inviting. During the summer months when your fireplace is unused, raccoons can move in and set up house. The cool dark
06.01.15 - Leave Fawns Alone
They appear to be abandoned, however a fawn on its own should not be approached. A mother deer knows just where she left her baby and will be coming back for it. A doe may leave her fawn by itself for up to four or five hours while she is feeding